BitcoinPrice v1.3.4
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Pair settings
- Watch btc-e's prices
- Adjustable refresh rate
- Turn pairs on and off
- Display 24 hour and 1 week pair graphs
- Switch between a dark and light theme
- Settings will be saved for 7 days

Any suggestions? Let me know.
v1.3.4 / 2017-03-07
graph removed, wasn't working anymore
will be fixed in the future

v1.3.3 / 2016-03-11
one week volume graph added
dropdown for different graph types added

v1.3.2 / 2016-03-03
24 hour volume graph added

v1.3.1 / 2016-02-28
24 hour pair graph now updates every 5 minutes
fixed this week's price change bug
fixed google's chart api bug

v1.3.0 / 2016-02-24
one week pair graphs added

v1.2.3 / 2016-01-29
pair graph visible by default
some fixes and improvements

v1.2.2 / 2016-01-28
pair graphs will now automatically refresh every fifteen minutes
today's price change added to graph
changelog minimized by default
working on added
functionalities added

v1.2.1 / 2016-01-27
some data improvements

v1.2.0 / 2016-01-26
pair graphs added
no pairs bug fixed
light is now the default theme

v1.1.3 / 2016-01-19
wider design for pc added
visitor counter added

v1.1.2 / 2016-01-18
share buttons added
settings are now being saved for 7 days and will be automatically expand when you visit this website
ad removed

v1.1.1 / 2016-01-17
any suggestions link added
themes added (dark and light)
changelog added

v1.1.0 / 2016-01-15
pair settings added
intervals 1 and 5 seconds added

v1.0.0 / 2016-01-12
first time online
-adjustable interval rate
-show pairs
Some things I'm working on or suggestions that I received:

- add 'all eur', 'all usd' and 'all rur' to pair settings
- support more exchanges
- price alert (if price reaches x)
- the max, min and average price of a given period
- show pair graph by default with an option to hide it
- longer graphs (7 and 30 days)